1. Definition 

Announcement comes from the announce verb which means ‘announce’, ‘tell’, ‘broadcast’. From these words, it can be seen that the definition or understanding of the announcement (Announcement) is that contains something, such as information, that is delivered officially to public in written or oral form. That is, announcements are statements that contain something, such as information, which is formally submitted to the public in verbal or written form


b.  Announcement Type

Announcement has several types, namely:

  • Announcements regarding the news of marriage, birthdays, births and inaugurations
  • Announcement regarding grief
  • Announcement of winners (a competition)
  • Announcements regarding missing people
  • Announcements regarding job openings
  • Announcement regarding activity / event reports
  • Announcement of appeals / notifications from the government

c. Purpose of Announcement

Looking at the definition or understanding of the Text Announcement, it can be seen that the purpose of the Text Announcement is to inform something related to an event, job, new admission, new environment, and so on, to public officially. That is, the announcement text serves to inform something related to an event, work, new acceptance, new environment, etc., which is officially submitted to the public.

d.  Linguistic StructureAnnoucement Text

Just like other types of text, Text Announcement also has a linguistic structure (Generic Structure) as follows::

  1. Title

The title or title is the most important feature in the announcement because this section can represent the information contained in the text. However, this title or title is often mentioned in an unclear manner.

  1. Explanation

Explanation or explanation is the next part which contains further explanation about the announcement. This section contains an elaboration of the information conveyed to the public. The description usually consists of basic things, such as types of activities, time and place of activities, participants of activities, and other things. The section of explanation of this explanation is written in a short and clear manner so that it can be easily read and understood by the community.

  1. Section – Section Announcement Text

There are several sections in the Text Announcement, which are as follows:

  • Title or type of event / activity (Title / type of the event
  • Date and time of the event / activity (Date and time of the event)
  • Place of events / activities (Place of the event)
  • The number of the person who can be contacted or the address that can be addressed (contact person / address)

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