Job and Salary of Credit Analyst

Job and Salary of Credit Analyst

Job and Salary of Credit Analyst

Job and Salary of Credit Analyst
Job and Salary of Credit Analyst

Reviews a bank’s loan portfolios for accuracy and
completeness of loan files; reviews loans for compliance
with federal and state banking regulations; may assist in
calculation of bank reserves for loan losses and regulatory

Alternate Title(s):Financial Analyst, Loan Review Analyst,
Loan Underwriter

Salary Range US: $32,203 to $49,086
Salary Range Indo: –

Employment Prospects: Good

Education or Training—Four-year degree with courses
in accounting, economics, and finance
Experience—One to three years’ experience, preferably
in a credit or lending environment
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Good managerial,
communications, and public relations skills; extensive
knowledge of financial statement analysis and
spreadsheet accounting programs; working knowledge
of loan collections, loan workout, and loan review procedures;
accounting principles and regulatory guidelines
for commercial loans, loan collection, and loan workout
procedures; familiarity with financial institution lending
policies and proceduresTips for Entry :
1. Get some on-the-job experience in banking by working
part time in a branch office or loan department
while attending college.
2. Take courses in accounting, business administration,
or finance or courses to improve your computer skills
working with spreadsheet accounting programs.


Entry = Credit Analyst
Middle = Credit Administrative Manager
Top = Loan Review Department Director

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